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McLaren, Lamborghini or Ferrari?

Choosing a car is a matter of taste and lifestyle. McLaren, Lamborghini and Ferrari are car manufacturers whose names stand out with excellency, speed and accomplishments. These cars are a story of success. And the same can be said of its owners. McLaren and Ferrari are associated also with Formula 1, and thanks to the racing and victories in them, their brand has been strengthened. Lamborghini, however, is not a participant of F1, and still, visually these cars cannot be mixed with any other car. It is a dream car, and that is enough for the brand. Meanwhile, Ferrari gained its fame precisely because of the achievements in racing.

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Ferrari - a champion

The F1 Ferrari is a legendary racing car. In 1929, a team Scuderia Ferrari was founded, and it is the only racing team that has taken part in the first F1 season and still exists today. Ferrari is an Italian luxury class sports car manufacturer, and the headquarters of the factory is located in Maranello, Italy. Overall, Scuderia Ferrari team has won in 237 races, 15 drivers championships and 16 constructors championships.

Not only is the brand committed to excellence and perfection but it has also contributed to the discussion of environment accessibility for disabled people, focusing on accessibility issues for the blind and visually impaired. Scuderia Ferrari Club Riga has also participated in events together with other clubs and organisations, for example, the 2018 event organised in Sicily “Ferrari: a dream for everybody”. During this event, the blind had a chance to drive a Ferrari on the track while sitting in the passenger seat. It was an opportunity to learn how a Ferrari is experienced with the help of other senses - not only by assessing it visually. The event gave a chance to share experience, experience new emotions and gain new contacts.

Ferrari is the perfect car for those that want to take part in racing. However, speed is not the only of its strengths, it is also visually appealing and beautiful, which is not a less significant factor in order to include the brand in the category of exclusive cars. Another special Ferrari bonus is a chance to create a customized and individual design. True, there are long rows and fulfilling this dream may take even up to 2 years but it is worth it in order to obtain a unique Ferrari model that is aligned with the style and personality.

The life of Ferrari owners and fans is spiced up by becoming a member of a Ferrari club. There is such a club based also in Riga - Scuderia Ferrari Club Riga. Its members have a chance to get tickets to such prestigious events as F1 and Grand Prix, as well as discounted admission for other Ferrari events. In the summer of 2022, a special event of the club is taking place - a tour of Latvia's biggest cities. And just as previous events, it will not be just an entertainment ride but also a chance to highlight the integration issue of the disabled people. The tour will be followed by a bus of blind and visually impaired, and it will be possible to travel a certain distance in the passenger seats of a Ferrari.

It is not just a coincidence that a Ferrari was chosen for Robin Sharma's bestseller “The monk who sold his Ferrari”. It is a symbol of status, wealth and career success. And in order to be able to sell a Ferrari, first one has to earn it. This is one of those brands that does not leave you indifferent and it turns heads.

McLaren - perfection

The founder of McLaren Bruce McLaren has said the following ”Life is measured in achievement, not just years alone”. McLaren is associated with fearless F1 drivers behind the wheels, and the McLaren approach in car manufacturing has paved the way for hundreds of victories. The company is founded based upon such values as commitment, courage and creativity. The team is made of ingenuous designers, engineers and technical workers.

Similarly as Ferrari, also McLaren is best known precisely because of F1. That is the second oldest F1 team still existing today and the second most successful F1 team behind Ferrari. McLaren has won 183 races, 8 constructor championships and 12 drivers championships.

McLaren has defined its vision as follows:”We do not simply push the boundaries, we completely rethink them”. The aim of McLaren is to create cars that provide the most exhilarating driving experience. It is an excellent quality, innovation, perfect design and speed. Any new McLaren challenge starts with a question of how things could be improved. This spirit of an endless seeker is always present when creating a design for a new car.

It is also extremely easy to drive these cars on the road. Besides, it is also possible to make one's automotive dreams come true by collaborating with McLaren, the team is open to designing a personalized McLaren model and creating a car of an unique design. It is possible to introduce one's vision of the visual car design, and if it were necessary, McLaren engineers are ready to even create a new material.

McLaren's way of thinking is based on an endless search for perfection. And it does not reflect only on the track of F1 but in each and every car manufactured by McLaren.

Lamborghini - the ugly duckling turned into swan

This is yet another brand that makes one melt just by hearing the sound of an engine. Lamborghini competes with Ferrari, and this Italian brand is characterised by speed, power and beauty.

Even though today Lamborghini is known throughout the world as a manufacturer of exclusive cars and the name of the brand is associated with status and prestige, not always was it like that. Actually, in its early days it was manufacturing tractors and the initial name of the company was “Lamborghini Trattori”. The first tractor was a real success. Lamborghini tractors stood out among others because of the unique invention of fuel atomizers. These tractors were a very economical solution to those working in agriculture. Even though many do not know that, the company still keeps manufacturing tractors today.

The first association that comes to mind when it comes to tractors, usually is not elegance, style or prestige, but precisely that is what the company of Lamborghini very soon reached. Paradoxically, it is precisely because of Enzo Ferrari that the Lamborghini company even exists just as it is today. Lamborghini himself was a great sports car fan and he had one of the Ferrari models. However, he was not happy with its clutch which caused him countless problems. He turned to Enzo Ferrari for it to be remodelled. However, Enzo got angry and in his anger he indicated that Lamborghini should better focus on tractors instead of questioning how sports cars work. The legend has it that it was the moment when Lamborghini decided to turn Ferrari's comment into a personal challenge and create a sports car of his own. This risk definitely paid back.

Unlike other exclusive car manufacturers, Lamborghini stood out with a different position when it came to racing. He considered it to be a waste of money and time, and therefore did not want to participate.

The excellent design of Lamborghini is a result of work of many designers, besides also of masters that initially were not related to the car industry, such as Mario Marazzi, Italian busbuilder. Among Lamborghini car models are also very untypical exclusive car market models, for example, Lamborghini 002, an SUV that is also suitable for off-road driving. It was actually logical, taking into account the company's connection with tractors.

Lamborghini is not just a car to show off status or a vehicle for the astonishingly rich, because of its speed, Lamborghini is also used by Saudi Arabia and Italy police. Also the donated blood and organs are transferred by Lamborghini in Italy. Taking into account that there is a time limit when the blood and organs must be delivered, each second counts. That is why the best car for this task is a Lamborghini.

Electric future for everyone

Not only prestige is what these cars have in common, but also a common direction for future development. Taking into account the guidelines set in the European Green Deal, the reduction of CO2 footprint is a prerequisite to continue manufacturing new cars. Ferrari has announced the release of its first electric car by 2025. But from 2026 onwards, all McLaren new cars will be hybrids but from 2024 all Lamborghini - plug-in hybrids.

Ferrari, McLarend and Lamborghini are among the most excellent and exclusive cars in the world. Many people choose precisely one of these brands when asked what car they would buy if they won the lottery.


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