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Exotic chances in driving school Presto - licence within 3 months!

The warm summer days make us daydream about a convertible, wind-blown hair and driving your own car. If only it was possible to go to the sea or take a refreshing bath in a lake each evening… And if it is not possible to get out of the town with a cabriolet, then at least it should be something more powerful than a bicycle! Besides, the first car may also be somewhat more modest… You have to start with something to fulfill your dreams. And the first logical step towards the dream of a personal car is the obtention of a driver's licence. At the end of the day, this is not India where everyone can drive as they wish.

In cooperation with driving school Presto we will answer the question about how much time it takes to obtain a driver's licence. Usually the process of training is said to take about 1 Earth trip around the Sun, assuming that a whole year should be reserved for mastering the driving skills. However, the driving school Presto attracts attention with a more special approach to training as elsewhere. And within this portal, we even dare to call this approach exotic - the students are offered much wider options as well as a versatile and comprehensive training experience , which enables the attainment of the licence at a more rapid speed. This is also the biggest driving school in Latvia which is known as the driving school in Jelgava, Liepāja, Riga and other 95 cities and villages.

Not only Presto is among the TOP level driving schools according to the statistics of CSDD, but it also promotes gaining the licence sooner. The driving school is convinced that very often the reason for the training process to be unnecessarily prolonged is not the lack of abilities or diligence of the student but a simple ignorance about how to use the options more effectively and plan the time. Also the traditional practice to assign 1 instructor and car, tie the student to 1 location and offer limited time frames to organise classes unfortunately is not helping to speed up the process. Presto has broken those entrenched standards of industry, creating a modern and innovative training system.

How much time does it take in Presto?

According to the statistics, the motivation remains the highest exactly during the first 3 months since the start of the training process. During this period there are the highest chances to successfully gain the driver's licence. Presto is offering it as the recommended time period to achieve this objective. Besides, the driving school is offering a corresponding organization of the training process so that the beginners would be as equally successful as those who have previous driving experience.

However, the licence does not simply fall from heaven also for those studying at Presto. To gain it within 3 months, the student has to be aware of the set objective as well as understand how to make it happen. In the continuation we are going to tell more about what should be taken into account to be able not only master the abilities qualitatively, but also in less time.

A greater understanding will help during this journey of attaining the licence. You can either be pushed into the water and made to swim or get prepared - organize the travel bag, prepare the rows, boat and lifejacket. As we know already from experience, if someone is not prepared for misfortune, it is so easy to go down. Because the lack of preparation and understanding as well as a naive hope that only others are so unlucky to encounter some underwater stones on the way, is what becomes a reason for many why the licence is never obtained. It is important to evaluate the risks in order to be able to avoid them in a timely manner. It is also related to strategy just as in chess - the sequence of moves helps to arrive at the desired result. On this occassion, the checkmate is the passing of CSDD exams on the first attempt. And if there is a certain strategy used to gain the driver's licence - surely the results will not be missed.

The strategy of attaining the licence

To gain the driver's licence successfully within 3 months, mainly there are 3 elements of the greatest importance: the replacement of instructors, learning to drive with different car models and driving daily. However, even before the start of the training it is important to understand the list of the tasks that have to be done during the training process, as well as understand the logical sequence in which all the tasks should be addressed in order not to prolong the process.

Even before the 1st theory class it is advisable to finish the first aid training and gain the certificate. It should be taken into account that without it there is no possibility to register for the theoretical exam. The 1st aid training takes 2 days. In addition to that, also the medical certificate should be obtained in a timely manner. It is possible to register for that in the website of Presto - it is offered for a better price than at a clinic plus there is no payment queue for Presto customers.

When the medical certificate has been obtained and the first aid training finished, it is possible to take out the driving permit in CSDD. It is advisable that this document is with the student already after the 3rd theory class as then it is possible to start attending driving lessons. And the sooner the student starts driving, the sooner the driving skills are mastered. That is why this should not be postponed until the end of theory classes.

Why change an instructor?

The option to replace the instructor saves a lot of potential headaches. It is just as the life jacket that does not let you go down and protects you in a situation when a certain approach of a specific instructor has not turned out to be effective, personalities are too different to find a common language or you simply get an impression that the instructor is prolonging the raining process on purpose. Someone prefers a more friendly, maybe even a frivolous instructor, while someone else at the same time finds discipline to be the most important aspect of training - there should be no other topics than the road traffic regulations discussed during the class! And if you get a feeling that the instructor is chatting too much about his personal life instead of focusing on driving, you can simply register for a class with another instructor.

In a driving school in which the student is assigned 1 instructor, unfortunately, there is no way out of those situations - there is only resignation, prolonged process of training or the driving school has to be changed. The replacement of an instructor may ask of the student a lot of effort, time, formalities and giving explanations in the administration. However, in Presto the instructor can be replaced even every day without any reporting. Also, if some topic seems impossible to master, there is always an option to go to another instructor who will probably teach it from another perspective and eventually the confusion will be dispelled.

The option to change instructors enables not to miss even a single driving day. If a certain instructor is not available at the desired hour, the class does not have to be cancelled, but it is possible to book a class with another instructor of Presto who is available. On top of that, an instructor in another city or village may even be chosen - because the students of Presto not only get the option to choose instructors, but also the freedom of movement. It means that the driving classes can be easily combined with travel plans throughout Latvia.

Why change a car?

Along with the replacement of the instructor, comes the replacement of a car as each one is driving another model. That is valuable not only because it may increase the chances to feel comfortable driving different cars in the future when renting a car in Latvia or abroad, but mainly it is necessary to gain a sufficient practical experience and knowledge base in order to be able to pass the CSDD exam on the 1st attempt.

In the CSDD exam 1 of the following 3 cars will be allotted by lottery: Volkswagen Golf 7, Audi A3 Sportback and BMW 218D XDrive Active Tourer. The differences are not only visual, but also the conditions to successfully deal with the tasks on the figure field as well as technical parameters differ for each model. Even such a seemingly small thing as starting the car for BMW is completely different than it is for Golf - instead of the usual ignition key a START button must be pressed. Also, turning on the wipers is technically different for different models. And if the rain starts falling on the day of the exam, but there is no clue how to get the wipers moving, it won't be possible to continue driving. Also, to drive the car backwards, it is essential to learn how to do this maneuver in different cars otherwise it wont turn out successful on the day of the exam.

During the training process it is important to go to the figure field both with Audi and Golf. All the points to complete the tasks successfully coincide both for BMW and Audi, but are different to Golf. Unfortunately, many do not consider this aspect and that is why they fail at the figure field. And they fail at the exam not because they do not know how to drive a car, but simply because some technical nuances have ont been mastered as no one has taught them and there has been no option to get to know them by driving different models.

The change of the car on the day of the exam is also related to increased levels of stress. For someone who usually drives the same car, it is a very significant difference. However, for the students of Presto this change has become a routine and that is why it does not add any additional stress. Also the fact that on the day of the exam next to the student is sitting another instructor doesn ot seem so alarming anymore - after all, the student of Presto has got used to demonstrating his driving skills under the guidance of different instructors.

Why drive every day?

The formula to get the driver's licence as possibly sooner, is very simple: the more you drive, the sooner you will get the licence. On average, 30-40 driving lessons are needed to successfully pass the CSDD exam. It means that there must be planned 30-40 days in which it is possible to dedicate 1,5 h to driving classes. Someone that drives every single day may even reach this number within 1 month. But the minimal amount of classes that is set by the government can be completed within 10 days. True, rarely it is enough with this minimum. However, it clearly shows the pace at which it is possible to move forward during the instruction.

By planning 304 classes per week, in the time of 3 months the necessary amount of 30-40 classes will be reached. And still - the more often the student driver, the sooner the licence will be in the pocket. Intensive training opens up the highest chances of passing the exams as soon as possible. It also turns driving into a habit - if we do something regularly and every day, the activities soon become automatic. And also when it comes to driving, it is important to achieve this level of comfort when you don't have to think about how to technically change gears or when to actually depress the clutch…

Presto also offers classes on weekends and public holidays. Therefore, you will not have to spend your free days idly or just lying in the sun. If it is possible, it is also valuable to drive together with a family member or a friend. It should be noted, however, that you can learn to drive under the guidance of someone who has the driver's licence for at least 2 years.

A new status already after 3 months…

The obtention of the driver's licence is often celebrated even more than the graduation of the university. It lets us taste what adulthood really means and teaches responsibility towards others. If the studies at the university are often very theoretical, then when it comes to driving a car the knowledge of theory is surely not enough! Theoretical reflections on traffic rules won't be sufficient as it is necessary to also be able to practically follow the rules. No one has become a driver just by knowing the meaning of road signs.

Our actions speak louder than words. Driver - this new designation will tell others more about what you are and what you can do. And with a driver's license in your pocket, not only is everyday life more convenient, but also job opportunities become much wider ... And then maybe in 3 months there will be not only a new status, but maybe also a new job?


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