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» » » E-Power-Roadster Prototype: BMW electric motorcycle

E-Power-Roadster Prototype: BMW electric motorcycle

BMW has unveiled a new prototype of the E-Power-Roadster Prototype, a 136-liter electric motorcycle. from. and 200 Nm. At the BMW development center in Miramas in southern France, BMW organized an event called Techday, which was attended by dozens of journalists from around the world. During the event, reporters were presented with what seemed to be an unusual BMW S 1000 R.
This is the first BMW electric motor at the prototype stage. From an aesthetic point of view, the E-Power-Roadster Prototype looks different than we could have imagined, but it is clear that the stylistic continuity sought the rest of the BMW range, and this is still an unfinished project, so the next version of the series may look completely different .

The E-Power-Roadster Prototype is very similar to the BMW S-Series roadster, but this is not just a transplant of the engine to an existing model, but a completely new motorcycle. The frame is a grid of pipes and surrounds the aluminum battery case, which is the main element. Ahead there are two radiators that cool the engine and the battery pack with two separate circuits in order to maintain a stable temperature and avoid loss of power or autonomy.

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